After-work agricultural technologies talks in downtown St Louis, MO.

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Bayer’s Preceon Smart-Corn System, an innovation leader in Regenerative Agriculture

Thursday May 9th, 5.30 to 6.30 pm @ TREX 4th Floor

Dr. Kelly Gillespie

Vice President of Operations and Chief of Staff, Digital Farming Solutions at Bayer Crop Science

Maize is one of the world’s most widely cultivated crops with future demands projected to increase. At the same time, maize cultivation is facing increasing weather-related risk due to more frequent and extreme weather patterns that directly affect crop productivity. Using precision genetic engineering techniques, we have developed an environmentally resilient, commercially relevant maize crop. These short stature hybrids have demonstrated substantially better standability, especially under severe weather events, resulting in reduced yield loss, prevention of revenue loss and reduction of the overall carbon footprint of maize production.

About AgriTech Thursdays

AgriTech Thursdays is a monthly, after-work event focused on agricultural technologies research and collaboration in the St Louis region. At each event, one company or researcher gives a short, 15 minute talk on an existing or solved research problem of their choosing and how it fits into the wider agricultural technologies landscape.

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